Our school IT systems were all of-a-tangle. DNA-TECH came, they evaluated, they solved. Highly approachable and knowledgeable, we are really pleased they are around to help us - Headteacher

North West London Grammar School


Based in North West London, this school provides excellent education for 11-17 year olds.


Despite this school having a reasonably good IT infrastructure, downtime and glitches were too common and had led to frustration. They were seeking to make more effective use of their current devices and systems, and implement new solutions to avoid the issues they were experiencing. They were looking for DNA-TECH to assist them in ensuring their existing structure was working as efficiently as possible, and to resolve ongoing issues. Our aim was to ensure there was easy access to systems, and to reduce downtime in the process.

Crucially – this school was looking for an IT provider that would work with them to help them use their IT in a fluid and positive way.

How we helped

DNA-TECH worked with the heads and SMT of this school to include them in the IT process and figure out what the next step should be. We aimed to give them the confidence to use their IT effectively to enhance teaching and learning.

Assessing existing infrastructure:

  • DNA-TECH assessed the school’s current infrastructure to suggest how they could make better use of it.
  • After identifying what wasn’t working for them, we changed and replaced specific hardware and software platforms in response to this.

Making appropriate changes 

  • We upgraded the school’s computers generally, and implemented an IT suite ready to install and run Creative Cloud for the new graphics courses being offered.
  • Implemented a filtering system: this was essential to meet the schools’ ethos and standards. This was done whilst ensuring that staff were still able to access online resources as necessary, whilst maintaining filter restrictions.


‘Our school IT systems were all of-a-tangle.  DNA-TECH came, they evaluated, they solved.  Highly approachable and knowledgeable, we are really pleased they are around to help us’ – Headteacher

‘DNA-TECH has been invaluable to our school. They resolved long standing issues and ensured the school was set up with the most functional, yet safe and secure IT systems.  DNA-TECH provides a truly efficient and high-level service for which we are very grateful’ – Head of IT

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