Shared mailboxes can be a great tool to help run your business more efficiently. 

If you’re reading this wondering what a shared mailbox actually is, you’re not alone – many people don’t know shared mailboxes exist, or about the benefits of using them. 

We’ve rounded up some reasons why we think using shared mailboxes might be worth your while. 

Shared mailboxes: 

  • Create a centralised mailbox 
  • Prevent the same email being distributed to multiple recipients
  • Create a shared calendar 
  • Make it easy for colleagues to collaborate  
  • Allow easy allocation of mail between departments 
  • Don’t cost a license 
  • Promote professionalism, as they allow you to use a company department addresses rather than an individual’s email 

If you’d like to create a shared mailbox, we recommend using Office 365 to do so. Google Workspace (formerly GSuite) has a similar concept called Groups but doesn’t quite have the same functionality. 

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