Our guess is that you rely on WhatsApp a great deal – whether you use it to communicate for work, pleasure or both.  

A reassuring feature of WhatsApp is that it cannot be used on more than one phone at the same time. However, this doesn’t mean that your account is safe from being hacked.  

If your WhatsApp does get hacked, it might take hours before you can re-access your account, if at all, which can cause huge amount of disruption and frustration. 

So, why not take some simple steps to prevent your account from being hacked: 

  1. Go into WhatsApp settings 
  1. Go into ‘Account’ 
  1. Click ‘Two-step verification’ 

After you’ve followed these steps, you’ll receive a pin that you’ll need in order to sign into your WhatsApp. This in turn minimises the possibility of someone else accessing your account, and prevents you from being locked out of it. 

Furthermore, never give a WhatsApp code out to anyone. There is a common hack taking place where a user tries to transfer ownership and needs a code to do it. If you ever get a text message asking for a WhatsApp code, just delete it! 

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