Our Story

At DNA-TECH, we provide excellent IT support across all platforms

Our aim is to empower you to make the most of your IT solutions, allowing your business or school to run efficiently and benefit from up-to-date platforms and software

DNA-TECH is made up of a small but experienced team based in North West London. Over 10 years of experience has provided us with varied industry knowledge, and we pride ourselves in working within a broad range of industries.

Supporting businesses and schools is our specialty, and partnering with the London Grid for Learning (LGfL) allows us to provide cost and time efficient support for schools under our care.

We offer on-demand IT Support with a quick turnaround, responding to you within 3 hours and solving your technical issues by the end of the next working day.

Reliability is at the forefront of what we do: we are contactable outside traditional working hours, and our reliable cost structure ensures your cost will be the same every month – easy to budget, no surprises.

We guarantee outstanding customer care, and prioritise building open and trustworthy relationships with our clients. We don’t consider a technical issue resolved until we have ensured our clients understand how to make the best use of their devices.

Our Ethos

MMI – Maintain Manage Improve

Maintain, manage, improve means we’re committed to providing first-class maintenance of your devices. We manage devices in a way that ensures they work to their full capacity, and aim to improve them by using our expertise to prevent future technical issues from arising.

Dov Levy


Founder and director of DNA-TECH. With a love for repairing and all things technical, combined with a passion for helping people, Dov uses his strong physics background, along with excellent problem solving skills, to build a company based on a strong ethos of technical competency and customer relations. Gaining an excellent name amongst end users and fellow IT technicians, as reliable and skilled in PC and Mac repair, phone repair, circuit design and building - in addition to IT Support, Dov is now focused on providing first class IT support and using his coding skills for development work.

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