Whilst you cannot fully avoid your mailbox getting hacked, there are various ways to prevent it.

Your starting point? Multifactor Authentication.

This is a simple step which makes it difficult for others to access your online accounts – it is your extra layer of protection: so if you think of your account as your body, and a jumper as your password, Multifactor Authentication is your coat.

When logging into an account, you will need to ‘authenticate’ your login with extra details, as your password will not be enough. You can have a code texted to you, create a specific app password for that login only you know (not even Google can store this password) or use an authenticator app to generate a code (similar to that ‘calculator’ the banks give out).

Don’t worry – you don’t need to do this every time you log in, you’ll be given the option to trust that device for a certain period.

What are the benefits of Multifactor Authentication?

Prevents Spamming – limits the likelihood of spam being sent from any of your accounts without your knowledge.
Prevents Identity Fraud – limits the likelihood of someone contacting others claiming to be you.
Prevents Financial Fraud – limits the likelihood of others having access to your financial details.

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