Remote Desktop Sessions: How to Work Remotely

With the current Coronavirus situation taking hold, everyone is reassessing how they work and you need to minimse downtime.

When your employees need to work from home or another office, they will need access to their files and software. Instead of buying a separate laptop, employees can simply use Windows Remote Desktop to connect remotely from a home machine.

Remote Desktop Connection allows one Windows computer to connect to another network-connected computer. You can use all your work computer’s programs, files, and network resources from your home computer-essentially as if you’re sitting at your work computer.

There are various options, direct and via VPN, depending on the router you have and other network considerations.

The steps involved will as follows:

  1. Ensure you have a static IP host side or set up dynamic DNS.
  2. Give the host PC a static IP address.
  3. Set port forwarding in the router or, preferably, create a VPN server.
  4. Change RDP port and firewall rules as applicable on server side.
  5. Connect home PC to work VPN if applicable.
  6. Connect home PC via RDP using external remote IP address, port number and windows credential of work PC.

These steps need to be set up once and then a connection is made through a sortcut.

On the client side this is free functionality in every version of  Windows. To be able to log in the host PC must be running a professionsal verson of Windows .

Please contact us if you need help setting up.

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